The Dulcimer Project.

Building Mountain Lap Dulcimers from kits in the classroom. These kits create an opportunity for students to actually build, creatively decorate, and learn to play a musical instrument, providing them with a fantastic start-to-finish process to discover the world of self -made music. The Easy as 1-2-3 teaching system, a songbook with 50 songs, enables children to quickly be successful in playing and singing by using simple numeric tablature. The songs have been selected to integrate into elementary school curriculums. The Dulcimer Building Project involves the students in music, art, assembly and construction techniques, tool utilization and engineering design. It is a unique program that builds skills and confidence on many levels. The class could have a "Dulcimer Orchestra" grand finale when students are finished with the project, perhaps performing in a school assembly or for a primary grade class. The Mountain Dulcimer has a long tradition in the United States and the instrument dates back to the 1600's in Europe. It has an important place in American Folk history. The dulcimer has a sweet tone and sing-song sound that is unusual enough to capture children's attention and imagination.


The kids and kids at heart love it! 


Over 1650 Instruments have been built by participants in schools, camps, art programs, senior centers and Boys & Girls Clubs to date using the Dulcimer Project program.

(See details of The Dulcimer Project training DVd below).


Watch the five minute video accessible below to see the Dulcimer Project in action, with comments from students, teachers and parents.


The Dulcimer Project Instructional Digital Video can be used before the project for training and also for follow up educational purposes. 

The video features chapters on:

  • The history of the dulcimer tracing back to Europe.
  • A kit overview section.
  • Fretboard preparation instructions.
  • Art tips for decorating the soundboxes.
  • Soundbody and fretboard assembly.
  • Complete step by step stringing instructions.
  • Complete tuning instructions.
  • How to use the Easy as 1,2,3 songbook and kit song sheet system..
  • Resources section.

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