Storytelling CD's By Richard Standard

These tapes contain stories from around the world with dulcimer & drums as a second voice. This CD is a great addition to any storytelling tape collection. They are for young and old alike. Great for trips and bedtime or just a listen by the fireplace. I am sure you will enjoy!

Tales of  Time and Tide

Features award winning stories " The Bird Of Time" by Jane Yolen, and "Why the Tides Ebb & Flow" by Joan Chase Bowden. It has on it a Hawaiian legend, two indian stories and  Japanese folk tale. 

The Bird of Time - Author Jane Yolen
01 The Bird of Time .wmv
Windows Media video format [8.4 MB]

World Tales

These tales from around the world are populated with historical figures and mythical beasts. From the Great Flood to castles in Europe you will find heroism, humor and a touch of Greece. 

The Queen Bee - Grimm's Fairy Tale
06 The Queen Bee.wmv
Windows Media video format [11.1 MB]

Tribal Tales

African stories of heroes and tricksters, the epic journey of a seventh son and North American Indian tales from the Paiute and Hopi. Find out why the North Star stands still and what happened when Ijapa demanded a corn fufu. Lessons to be learned!

The Boy and The Half Giantess - Hausa story from Africa
08 The Boy and the Half Giantess.wmv
Windows Media video format [3.0 MB]

Compilation CD - 12 Stories with Dulcimer and Drum.

A selection of stories from previous CD's

All CD's are $8.50 plus $2.00 shipping and handling.

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